Are You Self-Medicating Your Sleeplessness with OTC ?

Ottobre 14, 2019

An insomniac knows best how tempting a sleeping pill seems when sleepless nights become intolerably infuriating. Chronic insomniacs can expect very little help from the over the counter sleeping aids as they stop working on the excessively stimulated nerves. But temporary or transient insomnia might be helped with these pills.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved OTC or over-the-counter sedatives which can be provided to people suffering from short-term sleeplessness and are over the age of 12 years.


Over-the-counter sleeping aids might have different compositions. Mostly they contain antihistamines like doxylamine. Popular pills like Unisom Sleeptabs and Nighttime Sleep Aid fall in this genre of drugs. Another similar component called diphenhydramine is also found in tablets from brands like Sominex, Compoz, Benadryl and Nytol. Generally, antihistamines are known as anti-allergy medicines but they cause drowsiness and hence used as a sleeping aid.

Pain Relievers

Sometimes pain relievers are also used as common over the counter sleeping aids. They are available from plenty of renowned brands at the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies. Syrups for cough and cold can cause drowsiness and stupor. Often insomnia patients take these medications to get sleep and they help provisionally. Choosing the right medicine for this purpose is quite tough as the compositions might not suit all. A healthcare professional has to be consulted for this matter to avoid adverse effects on health.

Read the Label!

A conscious consumer should go through the label on the syrup or drug before purchasing. Knowing about common side effects will help an individual to choose the right over the counter sleeping aids. Dizziness and lethargy on the following day are observed in almost every person popping a sleeping pill. Mental alertness reduces significantly and the capacity of easy coordination gets disturbed as a result. You might also experience dryness of throat and mouth and acute constipation. If these effects are ignored at the initial stage, severe ones like blurred vision and difficulty in urinating might show up.

Drug Dependency

There are instances wherein people get dependant on the over the counter sleeping aids while seeking short term relief. Drug dependence should be avoided strictly, otherwise, a day might come when they will become inevitable for you. Also, consult a doctor to identify any underlying condition which is the root cause of insomnia. It will completely resolve the existing health issues as well as insomnia permanently making you a healthier and happier person.