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Night Time Recovery Resto - Battery Charger Activator

Contains a unique formulation of BCAAs and high quality nutrients that help build and repair muscles during the night.



Build Your Muscle While At Rest

Your body is a temple, as the saying goes, but in many ways, it is more like a high-performance car that needs good quality fuel to work properly and regular services. And plenty of time to recharge your batteries, which is where out Battery Charger Activator comes in, a dietary supplement designed to maximise your body’s muscle growth whilst you sleep. After all, sometimes you can be working hard in the gym, pumping weights and eating a high-protein and low-fat diet without witnessing the gains you would expect. Do you need to work even harder and start eating a caveman diet of raw meat? Don’t worry, there is a much more pleasant way that really just involves using the latest scientific findings and taking the Battery Charger Activator.


Did you know that your body builds muscle when it is at rest? This is why it is so important to ensure that you get plenty of good quality sleep when training, as well as rest days rather than continuous workouts. During your sleep, your body secretes testosterone and growth hormones to repair and rebuild muscle damaged whilst exercising, which eventually leads to larger muscles – but if you don’t supply your body with the right nutrients, it won’t be able to do this effectively. We recommend taking Battery Charger Activator as it contains everything you need to allow your body to focus on repairing its muscles during the night. Taking it just before bed will provide your body with high-quality nutrients just when it needs them the most.


What are BCAAs and how do they help build lean muscle?


BCAASs are scientifically proven to help your body build lean muscle. This doesn’t mean that you can forget about the healthy high protein meals and intense workouts, but knowing about the benefits of BCAAs is another weapon in your arsenal devoted to the goal of developing your physique. Amino acids are the building blocks your body uses to create lean muscles. Battery Charger Activator contains a unique formulation of BCAAs, the most abundant and most readily absorbed group of amino acids found in lean muscle. Amino acids are generally described as protein building blocks. Scientists are aware of over 500 types but only a few are used for protein synthesis – or the formation of new muscle tissue – and are therefore held to be vital nutrients.

Our bodies can make most amino acids from food sources but there are nine BCAAs we aren’t able to synthesise. The most important are leucine, isoleucine and lysine if you are trying to develop muscle mass as they are known as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and have an important role in the growth of muscles. BCAAs have long been taken by professional bodybuilders and athletes in the form of supplements as they have a range of benefits, such as increased endurance, higher levels of energy and improved glucose dispersal. The Night-time Recovery Resto Battery Charger Activator is a sophisticated and effective way of providing your body with BCAAs. Supplied in the form of capsules, it is easy to take with no need to mix up a milkshake. Simply follow the supplied dosage instructions and take before a period of rest, and relax in the knowledge that you are harnessing the power of science to give your body the optimal results it deserves.

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